The Effects Of Covid-19 On The Home Construction And Design Industries

I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that COVID-19 has had a drastic effect on the home construction and interior design industries, there are few, if any, industries it hasn’t affected!

With everyone home and suddenly forced to stare at their interiors a heck of a lot more than they were used to, many quickly came to the conclusion that if this was going to be a long-term thing, some changes needed to be made!

Spaces felt more cramped and awkward, furniture was fading and didn’t feel as comfortable and, “What were we thinking with that paint colour?” seemed to be on many people’s minds.

So it should come as no surprise as well that once home construction was deemed an essential service, people were clamouring to get someone booked to help with their ever-growing need for some space transformations!

Home gyms, office space and basement overhauls for added family space, or for multi-generational living situations to help family members age in place, have been the top trends for projects being requested.

And to help with all the planning involved in this, your trusty interior designers have also been bombarded with new inquiries and client bookings. While we LOVE our work and being able to help families reconfigure how they use and live in their spaces so they can love their homes again, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

Prices for materials have skyrocketed and supply chain issues have caused major delays which means projects are taking much longer to be fully complete, which also makes managing all the projects and their moving parts that much more challenging.

So, what to do?


If you’re working with these service providers, please have patience and compassion. If you’ve hired the right people (this is KEY), they really do care about you and are invested in creating the space you crave in the quickest time possible. They can’t possibly predict every little hiccup that is bound to happen so try to have faith and put your trust in them. In the end, the job will get done to your utmost satisfaction, it just might take a bit more time than any of you anticipated.


COMMUNICATE! If our clients know that they’re being thought of and aren’t left wondering what’s going on or the status of their project, they’re apt to be much more understanding and patient.

When you’re busy with other projects I know that putting in the extra time for a check-in might seem like something you can just keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do list, but it will actually save you time and frustration in the long run. Your clients won’t keep checking in with you if they know they can rely on you for regular communication. Our clients just want to feel cared for and we have to remember that this is their home. While we may have seen many of them, their space is coveted and special and it’s a privilege to be a part of this huge part of their life.

While I don’t know how long this will all be going on for, I don’t see a slow down on the horizon any time soon. So if you’ve been thinking about tackling some home renovations yourself, be sure to connect with us soon to get your project on the calendar!