How to Bring the Beauty of French Interiors to Your Home

If, like me, you’re a sucker for the beauty and whimsy of French interior design but you don’t want to actually move to France, that’s ok! There are many ways you can bring French-inspired interiors into your home no matter where that may be.

Here are just a few of my favourite elements and how you can incorporate them in your spaces…


In many famous places in France, you’ll generally find two types of flooring used: parquet and marble tiles.

To recreate French floors in your home, I recommend opting for parquet in the main living spaces. There are many patterns you can choose from so take a look at the various options to see what you like best.

Go for tile in the bathrooms and perhaps the kitchen and front entrance if that won’t break up the flow too much.


Lighting in France is far from understated. Big, bold chandeliers adorn just about every room and make a huge impact!

Depending on what else is going on in the room, balance your current aesthetic with lighting options. Crystal, contemporary or antique vibes can all be beautiful accents in your French-inspired abode!


I mean, the Hall of Mirrors is the most famous room in the Palace de Versailles! And what made this famed room so luxurious then and now can also be done in your home.

Mirrors are especially useful in small spaces to give the illusion of scale and grandeur. A good gilded mirror is the perfect accent above a mantel, on any wall in your living space or bedrooms, or even placed on the floor to brighten up a dark corner.


No boring window coverings here! The French are all about opulence and this translates into drapery as well.

Use them as a statement piece in any room in your home and opt for heavier materials like velvet or toile – a thick weaved French material – in bold colours and patterns to create a dramatic effect.


Speaking of colour and texture, you’ll find an abundance of both of these in any French design.

Walls are often white to show off the beautiful details that usually adorn the walls so be sure to add mouldings and other millwork elements to your walls to re-create a more historic look.

But don’t let the white walls fool you, the French aren’t afraid of a little colour and tend to make the other elements in the room pop with bold, jewel-toned choices like sapphire blue, emerald green and of course golden yellow.

Go all in with these choices or just a few for a more subtle French look. No matter what you choose you can’t go wrong with any of these ultra-chic updates.