Give Your Home a Summer Refresh

The temperatures are rising and we’re all looking to spend more time outdoors.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore what’s going on inside your home! And summer often has us craving brighter colours and bolder prints.

While you might not want to start decorating your whole house like this, there are some things you can do to bring those summer vibes to your interior spaces.


Take a trip to your favourite home goods store and find some decorative throw pillows (or pillow covers) in a bright pop of colour you love or a fun, colourful pattern. Swapping these out for whatever pillows are currently on your couch is sure to add an instant punch!


Swapping photos/images/prints seasonally is one of my favourite ways to change up the mood of a space. Whatever art you have hanging on your wall, try putting up a summer-inspired piece or two and watch the whole feel of the room change before your eyes!


In this case, I love to opt for lighter fabrics and colours. White always makes for a clean look but I understand that white bedding doesn’t work for everyone so even a light taupe or sky blue looks beautiful and gives a subtle beachy feel when paired with light accent pillows.


Switching up your décor pieces to ones made of more natural materials (think wood, clay, stone, etc.) adds a warm tone to the space and lightens things up. Vases, candle holders, lamps, picture frames and really anything can be found in these more subtle, neutral materials to adorn your shelves.


Bring some of that nature you’re so loving outside, in! A beautiful bouquet fits with any interior style and has the added benefit of smelling oh so good! Incorporate greenery by adding small or large plants to your spaces to instantly provide that indoor/outdoor living feeling.

And there you have it, some small things you can do to make a big impact to brighten and “summerize” your home.