Your Outdoor End of Summer Checklist

I know many of us don’t want to admit it, but the end of summer is near. You can feel it in the crisp morning air, the back-to-school commercials and the teasing of pumpkin-spice latte season.

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, I’m with you! But since we can’t stop the leaves from changing, why not try to do some things now that will ensure you’re able to enjoy the season to the fullest next year?

Here are my top end of summer to-dos so your outdoor spaces will be ready to go the minute the snow melts and the sunny days start calling us back outside.


Look for areas that might need to be cleaned or freshened up. These include things like your windows, deck, siding, driveway, fences, patios, etc. A good power washer can help with the cleaning and a fresh coat of outdoor paint can do wonders to upgrade the look of your outdoor spaces!


Early fall is a perfect time to get planting for upcoming spring gardens so you can start enjoying those blooms nice and early! Other end-of-summer gardening tasks you should add to your list are weeding, tending to your lawns (aerating or fertilizing and seeding if needed), and trimming your trees or any other overgrown bushes and plants.


If your patio furniture is still in good condition but your cushions have seen better days, you can simply have them re-upholstered to have your whole set looking brand new again!

However, if your furniture is also a little worse for wear, now is the perfect time to order a new set and whatever else you might need or want to add to create an outdoor oasis, such as rugs, lighting, coverings or heat sources. We’re still seeing a lot of shipment delays so ordering now ensures you’ll have everything you need to uplevel and enjoy those outdoor spaces right away when summer rolls in next year.


Maybe the saddest part of the whole process because it means the nice weather is truly over for the year, packing up and storing all your outdoor furniture and accessories. Be sure to clear out your shed first so you can optimize space. If your shed is too small or you don’t have one, take the time to cover it all up in a tight-fitting tarp or shrink wrap to prolong the life of your outdoor items.

There you have it, not the most fun, I know, but these practical tips will ensure you can MAXIMIZE your outdoor enjoyment next summer!