Why We Should All Want to Live in a High-Performance Home

March 5, 2021
“Green home”, “net-zero home”, “passive house”, “high-performance home” – these are terms increasingly seen in the media related to home construction. You may think these homes are only for the ultra-eco-conscious, or that they must be extra expensive. However, there are several compelling reasons why everyone should be interested. Our senior designer (and resident eco-nerd), Kelly Wilson, tells you why in her recent blog post.

NEW Fabrics by Robert Allen

May 25, 2017
Whether you tend toward subtle bronze and platinum or light-catching gold and silver, there’s no denying we all appreciate the elevated and uplifting effect metallics have on a space. From sequin embe

Holiday Seasonal Decorating

November 29, 2016
Christmas is almost here and holiday decor is everywhere. Don’t get caught up in the fads and trends… make it personal, be selective, and make sure your decor is an expression of what the holidays m