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New Year, Fresh Space

January 20, 2022

Feeling the need to change your space?

The festive season is over and the holiday decorations have finally come down, leaving your home feeling emptier…but something still just doesn’t seem quite right.

Sound familiar?

A new year usually sparks a need to clear and declutter and re-imagine our spaces even before “spring cleaning” time hits, as a way to make us feel like we’re getting a fresh start.

And with all of us spending so much more time at home, we’re noticing the things we want to change that much more! We all deserve spaces we love to live in but that doesn’t have to mean a huge overhaul or renovation. If you’re feeling this need for change, we’ve got you! With the help of our friends over at In Order Co., here are our top 5 simple tips to help you take your spaces (and your mind) from cluttered and overwhelming to organized and intentional.


Start by taking everything out – all items off shelves, out of drawers and bins, etc. and lay them out. You will quickly realize how much stuff you really have!

Then group like items together. This can be really eye-opening and will help you decide what items you might be able to get rid of. Start to pile things you want to toss, keep and donate separately. Having garbage bags handy that you can put the items right into for garbage and donation is really helpful here so that all you’re left with is the items you want to keep.


Now that you only have only the things you’re keeping left and they’re all organized with other like items, you can start to find places for them. There are so many different organizing tools and products out there now, you can easily purchase a few to help you corral everything in an organized manner. Bins of all sizes, drawer organizers, baskets, shelving pieces… the list goes on. But start with what you already have first and only purchase these organizing tools once you’ve determined a real need for them.


Now that everything is put away you can give the space a good deep clean. Imagine how much easier cleaning is going to be from now on too, making tackling your weekly cleaning list much less daunting for the rest of the year (and beyond!).


Now that you have all the “stuff” put away, you can view the space with a clearer eye and start to make some decisions. What décor do you like that you already have and what do you want to change? Start to make a list to map out your plans for the room.


Unless you really dislike all the pieces you currently have, it’s likely that most things in your space are ones that fit the space and your style, you may just need a few swaps or additions to level up the look. Some pieces that do this quickly and easily are adding or changing art pieces, pillows and blankets, and some seasonal finds for shelves, wall units, tables, etc. Make sure not to overdo it! Go in with your list of specific items you’re looking for or particular areas of the room you’re wanting to fill to ensure the space remains clear and you’re not over cluttering it again.

And there you have it, our top 5 tips to get your home organized and looking fresh and beautiful. Get ready to love your space again! Have fun!

P.S. If you need help decluttering and organizing your space, be sure to check out In Order Co. They are a full-service professional organizing company serving Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Waterloo and the surrounding areas. They take pride in making people’s homes and businesses incredibly functional and beautiful.

And if you need help with re-imagining your space, be sure to check out our website, Volumes of Space, for all your interior design needs. We have in-person and E-Design options to match every style, budget and lifestyle. We are passionate about helping you create an original space that complements your lifestyle in both form and function.

The Holiday Give Back

December 13, 2021

‘Tis the season of giving and we here at Volumes of Space take it very seriously!

While there are so many worthy causes and we encourage you to find one that resonates with you and consider donating your time, money (or both) if you’re able, there are a few that are near and dear to our hearts.


The mission of the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is to “empower children and youth by connecting families with opportunities to build hope for lifelong change and break the cycle of poverty.”

Ways we support this organization:

ShineBRIGHT Ambassador

We help raise money and awareness of the growing need in the community. Over 25,000 children and youth across Guelph, Dufferin and Wellington are supported by The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington’s various programs that provide opportunities in the hard times to help each child grow, explore and unleash their great potential to build brighter futures.


After being matched with a family in need, we gather gifts for the various family members in order to make the holidays shine a little brighter, bringing hope and joy during the holiday season for a deserving family in the community.

For more information about the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington and the various programs you can donate to, visit their website: https://www.childrensfoundation.org/


HOPE House operates and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected. They offer services and programs that challenge the stigmas surrounding poverty and allow community members to maintain their dignity and choice, while simultaneously providing them with tactile skills developed in a community environment, creating long-term skills that facilitate self-sufficiency.

How we support this organization:

Christmas JOY Home Tour

We participate in the Christmas JOY Home Tour by decorating a home that is included in the tour. People from all over Southwestern Ontario come to Guelph each year to surround themselves with the holiday spirit on this self-guided tour of carefully selected, professionally decorated homes. Funds raised through the tour support HOPE House in their delivery of compassionate care to members of the community.

For more information about HOPE House Guelph and the various ways you can support them, visit their website:https://hopehouseguelph.com/

We hope you consider supporting an organization in your community not just during the holiday season, but year-round. The joy received from giving back is pretty hard to beat!

The Effects Of Covid-19 On The Home Construction And Design Industries

October 22, 2021

I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that COVID-19 has had a drastic effect on the home construction and interior design industries, there are few, if any, industries it hasn’t affected!

With everyone home and suddenly forced to stare at their interiors a heck of a lot more than they were used to, many quickly came to the conclusion that if this was going to be a long-term thing, some changes needed to be made!

Spaces felt more cramped and awkward, furniture was fading and didn’t feel as comfortable and, “What were we thinking with that paint colour?” seemed to be on many people’s minds.

So it should come as no surprise as well that once home construction was deemed an essential service, people were clamouring to get someone booked to help with their ever-growing need for some space transformations!

Home gyms, office space and basement overhauls for added family space, or for multi-generational living situations to help family members age in place, have been the top trends for projects being requested.

And to help with all the planning involved in this, your trusty interior designers have also been bombarded with new inquiries and client bookings. While we LOVE our work and being able to help families reconfigure how they use and live in their spaces so they can love their homes again, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

Prices for materials have skyrocketed and supply chain issues have caused major delays which means projects are taking much longer to be fully complete, which also makes managing all the projects and their moving parts that much more challenging.

So, what to do?


If you’re working with these service providers, please have patience and compassion. If you’ve hired the right people (this is KEY), they really do care about you and are invested in creating the space you crave in the quickest time possible. They can’t possibly predict every little hiccup that is bound to happen so try to have faith and put your trust in them. In the end, the job will get done to your utmost satisfaction, it just might take a bit more time than any of you anticipated.


COMMUNICATE! If our clients know that they’re being thought of and aren’t left wondering what’s going on or the status of their project, they’re apt to be much more understanding and patient.

When you’re busy with other projects I know that putting in the extra time for a check-in might seem like something you can just keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do list, but it will actually save you time and frustration in the long run. Your clients won’t keep checking in with you if they know they can rely on you for regular communication. Our clients just want to feel cared for and we have to remember that this is their home. While we may have seen many of them, their space is coveted and special and it’s a privilege to be a part of this huge part of their life.

While I don’t know how long this will all be going on for, I don’t see a slow down on the horizon any time soon. So if you’ve been thinking about tackling some home renovations yourself, be sure to connect with us soon to get your project on the calendar!

Why We Should All Want to Live in a High-Performance Home

March 5, 2021
“Green home”, “net-zero home”, “passive house”, “high-performance home” – these are terms increasingly seen in the media related to home construction. You may think these homes are only for the ultra-eco-conscious, or that they must be extra expensive. However, there are several compelling reasons why everyone should be interested. Our senior designer (and resident eco-nerd), Kelly Wilson, tells you why in her recent blog post.

NEW Fabrics by Robert Allen

May 25, 2017

Whether you tend toward subtle bronze and platinum or light-catching gold and silver, there’s no denying we all appreciate the elevated and uplifting effect metallics have on a space. From sequin embellishments to rich yellow gold threads, our luminous patterns prove that a touch of shine can make even the most muted rooms rise to the occasion.

Ask me how you can incorporate some of these great textures and patterns into your space!

Holiday Seasonal Decorating

November 29, 2016

Christmas is almost here and holiday decor is everywhere. Don’t get caught up in the fads and trends… make it personal, be selective, and make sure your decor is an expression of what the holidays mean to you and your family.

While gold and blush are the latest trend in colours for your 2016 Christmas tree… my family loves the iconic Santa red! I keep it fresh by incorporating some bright blues and teals, while adding some natural materials like birch and pine cones to keep us connected to the beauty of the outdoors.

Decorating for the holidays is my favorite thing to do, because of the love and energy you feel when doing it! If you are busy this year with work, travelling, or baking 1 million cookies… I would be happy to bring that love and energy of the Christmas spirit to your home with my seasonal Holiday Décor Service. This service includes an in-home consultation, depending on your requirements the supply of new quality decorations, and the complete decorating of your tree, main floor, or whole house! Pricing will vary, but starts at $150.00 for a tree re-vamp, using your existing decorations in an exciting new way!