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Your Outdoor End of Summer Checklist

August 30, 2022

I know many of us don’t want to admit it, but the end of summer is near. You can feel it in the crisp morning air, the back-to-school commercials and the teasing of pumpkin-spice latte season.

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, I’m with you! But since we can’t stop the leaves from changing, why not try to do some things now that will ensure you’re able to enjoy the season to the fullest next year?

Here are my top end of summer to-dos so your outdoor spaces will be ready to go the minute the snow melts and the sunny days start calling us back outside.


Look for areas that might need to be cleaned or freshened up. These include things like your windows, deck, siding, driveway, fences, patios, etc. A good power washer can help with the cleaning and a fresh coat of outdoor paint can do wonders to upgrade the look of your outdoor spaces!


Early fall is a perfect time to get planting for upcoming spring gardens so you can start enjoying those blooms nice and early! Other end-of-summer gardening tasks you should add to your list are weeding, tending to your lawns (aerating or fertilizing and seeding if needed), and trimming your trees or any other overgrown bushes and plants.


If your patio furniture is still in good condition but your cushions have seen better days, you can simply have them re-upholstered to have your whole set looking brand new again!

However, if your furniture is also a little worse for wear, now is the perfect time to order a new set and whatever else you might need or want to add to create an outdoor oasis, such as rugs, lighting, coverings or heat sources. We’re still seeing a lot of shipment delays so ordering now ensures you’ll have everything you need to uplevel and enjoy those outdoor spaces right away when summer rolls in next year.


Maybe the saddest part of the whole process because it means the nice weather is truly over for the year, packing up and storing all your outdoor furniture and accessories. Be sure to clear out your shed first so you can optimize space. If your shed is too small or you don’t have one, take the time to cover it all up in a tight-fitting tarp or shrink wrap to prolong the life of your outdoor items.

There you have it, not the most fun, I know, but these practical tips will ensure you can MAXIMIZE your outdoor enjoyment next summer!

Cottage Design Ideas for the Refresh or Full Renovation

July 23, 2022

If, like many people, you recently purchased a cottage property, or you’ve owned one for a little while, you likely want to make some changes to your cottage to put your own stamp on it and to keep it updated.

Whether you just want to give your cottage a little makeover or you’re ready for a full overhaul, here are some ideas to get you started so that you can invest in the changes that will get you the most bang for your buck and create the biggest impact.

In the Main Living Space


Give your main living area a refresh with some paint and accessories! You want to keep the wall colour light and add some lighting in the form of table or floor lamps to keep things bright as this will create the feeling of more room and space.

Then add in any fun accessories such as coffee table books, area rugs, throw pillows and blankets. Shopping at thrift or vintage stores for these items will often yield beautiful, timeless pieces, perfect for decorating a cottage.


If taking down walls is an option, I always recommend that to really open up your space.

Add some beams to the ceiling for visual interest and also use reclaimed wood pieces wherever else you can (mantle, shelves, etc.) for a cool, rustic feel.

Flooring can be informal and imperfect, and you’ll want to go with a wood material to keep with the cottagey feel, which can be covered in strategic places with throw rugs for style and comfort.

For furniture, I love a traditional looking couch and upcycled, mix and match pieces. Coordination, not exact matches is what you’re going for.


In the Kitchen


Start by painting your kitchen cabinets a light colour. It doesn’t have to be white; light shades of blue, grey and green look great in cottage kitchens. A fresh coat of paint on the walls also goes a long way.

After that, you can simply update/add any décor or keep it simple with fresh flowers. A gorgeous accessory any time.


Replace your kitchen cabinets with shaker-style. The clean lines of this minimal cabinet design are perfect for cottages because of the simplicity and homey feel. Not too showy!

Reconfiguring the layout so that your sink is under a window is always ideal and, on that note, be sure to go for a deep, farmhouse sink for the ultimate cottage vibes.

For flooring, you can’t go wrong with wood, a luxury vinyl that looks like hardwood or even tile.

And if you can, add in some ceiling beams here too! I will always advocate for more ceiling beams!


In the Bathrooms


Paint, a new mirror and some updated lighting and you’re likely good to go when it comes to bathroom updates! If you can swing a new vanity too it will uplevel the look even further! Again, keeping with the theme, anything that looks reclaimed or has vintage vibes will work.


This is where you can have some fun! Adding in a bathtub if you don’t have one or replacing your tub is usually needed with these older cottage properties. A claw-foot tub if you have the space will always be a stunning cottage bathroom feature!

Updating the shower tiles and fixtures can go a long way to creating a luxurious cottage bathroom as well.


In the Bedrooms


I’m going to repeat myself here, but a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to completely freshen up the look and feel of a room! But don’t feel restricted! This is a place where people retreat to at the end of a long, fun summer day so feel free to add pops of colour if that’s your preference and upgrade the bed linens. Those two things alone will make a big difference in the look and feel of a bedroom.


Have some fun with colour, prints and textures! Maybe an accent wall with floral wallpaper or a deep blue wall colour with bright white ceilings? And try adding some visual interest to the walls with architectural dimension. You can achieve this look with wood strips that are painted the same colour as the wall.

Wide plank hardwood with some well-placed rugs to keep feet warm when they first touch the ground are the best flooring options for cottage bedrooms.


After this you can decorate! Upgrade furniture like the bed and side tables and dressers and remember, the pieces don’t all have to match. Finding pieces that coordinate but are different from each other adds even more visual interest and unique style.




Putting furniture in any outdoor space you have so you can maximize your outdoor time is key! That’s what cottage life is all about right?! Add some lighting so you can extend the time you can spend outside and buff up and paint your deck or exterior of the home for even bigger impact.


Depending on the look and feel of your cottage you could transform the exterior with brick or wood panelling and some updated paint. Next, it’s upgrading any decking to composite material for zero maintenance for years and years to come.

If you don’t have a dock and you’re on water, adding one can be a game changer. Getting to sit peacefully by the water is a summer dream come true.


So whether you’re looking to take on a massive, or more minor project this year, these recommendations should be enough to get your wheels turning about the possibilities for your cottage property.

Give Your Home a Summer Refresh

June 20, 2022

The temperatures are rising and we’re all looking to spend more time outdoors.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore what’s going on inside your home! And summer often has us craving brighter colours and bolder prints.

While you might not want to start decorating your whole house like this, there are some things you can do to bring those summer vibes to your interior spaces.


Take a trip to your favourite home goods store and find some decorative throw pillows (or pillow covers) in a bright pop of colour you love or a fun, colourful pattern. Swapping these out for whatever pillows are currently on your couch is sure to add an instant punch!


Swapping photos/images/prints seasonally is one of my favourite ways to change up the mood of a space. Whatever art you have hanging on your wall, try putting up a summer-inspired piece or two and watch the whole feel of the room change before your eyes!


In this case, I love to opt for lighter fabrics and colours. White always makes for a clean look but I understand that white bedding doesn’t work for everyone so even a light taupe or sky blue looks beautiful and gives a subtle beachy feel when paired with light accent pillows.


Switching up your décor pieces to ones made of more natural materials (think wood, clay, stone, etc.) adds a warm tone to the space and lightens things up. Vases, candle holders, lamps, picture frames and really anything can be found in these more subtle, neutral materials to adorn your shelves.


Bring some of that nature you’re so loving outside, in! A beautiful bouquet fits with any interior style and has the added benefit of smelling oh so good! Incorporate greenery by adding small or large plants to your spaces to instantly provide that indoor/outdoor living feeling.

And there you have it, some small things you can do to make a big impact to brighten and “summerize” your home.

How to Bring the Beauty of French Interiors to Your Home

May 19, 2022

If, like me, you’re a sucker for the beauty and whimsy of French interior design but you don’t want to actually move to France, that’s ok! There are many ways you can bring French-inspired interiors into your home no matter where that may be.

Here are just a few of my favourite elements and how you can incorporate them in your spaces…


In many famous places in France, you’ll generally find two types of flooring used: parquet and marble tiles.

To recreate French floors in your home, I recommend opting for parquet in the main living spaces. There are many patterns you can choose from so take a look at the various options to see what you like best.

Go for tile in the bathrooms and perhaps the kitchen and front entrance if that won’t break up the flow too much.


Lighting in France is far from understated. Big, bold chandeliers adorn just about every room and make a huge impact!

Depending on what else is going on in the room, balance your current aesthetic with lighting options. Crystal, contemporary or antique vibes can all be beautiful accents in your French-inspired abode!


I mean, the Hall of Mirrors is the most famous room in the Palace de Versailles! And what made this famed room so luxurious then and now can also be done in your home.

Mirrors are especially useful in small spaces to give the illusion of scale and grandeur. A good gilded mirror is the perfect accent above a mantel, on any wall in your living space or bedrooms, or even placed on the floor to brighten up a dark corner.


No boring window coverings here! The French are all about opulence and this translates into drapery as well.

Use them as a statement piece in any room in your home and opt for heavier materials like velvet or toile – a thick weaved French material – in bold colours and patterns to create a dramatic effect.


Speaking of colour and texture, you’ll find an abundance of both of these in any French design.

Walls are often white to show off the beautiful details that usually adorn the walls so be sure to add mouldings and other millwork elements to your walls to re-create a more historic look.

But don’t let the white walls fool you, the French aren’t afraid of a little colour and tend to make the other elements in the room pop with bold, jewel-toned choices like sapphire blue, emerald green and of course golden yellow.

Go all in with these choices or just a few for a more subtle French look. No matter what you choose you can’t go wrong with any of these ultra-chic updates.

All About Tiles

April 30, 2022

Tiles sure have come a long way!

With so many looks, textures and materials, there is definitely a tile out there to suit your needs.

But all that variety can also make it harder to know what to choose.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown to help you when deciding on tile for your next home renovation project.


Some tile materials are going to be too complicated, finicky or time consuming to do yourself. These include concrete, marble and slate. Some things you should think about when deciding between these are:

Marble – Best for Backsplash Areas

Marble tiles are some of the most beautiful and are like snowflakes in that no two are exactly the same. They create a stunning look, but they can be damaged easily and require  maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Slate – Best for Floors

Slate tiles are quite nice in their own right with a natural, earthy feel. They also can last quite a long time; however, they are a softer material so do have a tendency to split and must be sealed.


If you want to try your hand at laying tile yourself, it’s best to stick with ceramic or porcelain. Here are some things to consider when deciding between these two:

Ceramic – All Purpose!

Ceramic tiles are a fantastic option for just about anywhere you want to have tile and offers a wide range of design possibilities.  They’re also tough and tend to be resistant to stains and water.

Porcelain – All Purpose!

Porcelain tile is actually a subtype of ceramic, that has been baked at a higher temperature, making it more durable. It’s high quality and durability makes it popular but if you’re installing it yourself, be sure you get the proper compound for setting it!  It’s a common mistake that can lead to big headaches!

Weighing all the features, benefits, pros and cons… ceramic tiles are the winner for us in almost all of our design projects. They work well just about anywhere and are a cost-effective way to update your space and make an impact!


Once you’ve made the decision on the type of tile you want to use, the next decision becomes what colour and style – another choice with a TON of options!

If you’re unsure, white and other neutrals will always be a safe bet.  But we love colour here at Volumes of Space Inc., so we also like to look at what’s trending to gain some inspiration for our clients and this year, it’s all about those spring-like tones!  Benjamin Moore announced their colour of the year for 2022 is October Mist CC-550, a gently shaded sage green.  And the other colours in the palette all share spring-time vibes that would work no matter what time of year as they are classic, light and not too bold. Colours range from other light greens to brown earthy tones and even a nice dusty rose-pink.  If you love colour, you can’t go wrong with these picks as they won’t quickly go out style and you won’t be sick of them in a year or two.

And if you want to make a statement try using patterned tiles as an accent! We love them in powder rooms, laundry rooms and back splashes. They’re an easy way to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking for more tile help, our friends at www.cermicdecor.com are a great source. Head to their website for even more tile information, including helpful installation guides. In store you can get their expert advice and check out the vast array of beautiful options available so you can get exactly what you’re looking for to create the space of your dreams.

Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Interiors to Beat the Winter Blues

March 30, 2022

Is it just me or has this winter felt incredibly LONG?! Maybe it was the constant switching back and forth between snow and frigid days, but I am ready for spring more than ever this year!

And while spring may not have sprung quite yet, it’s definitely getting closer. So, to help you get through these last weeks of winter AND be able to enjoy those warmer days when they do arrive, here are my top recommendations for quick and easy things you can do to spruce up your spaces right now!


Many of us go into a bit of a hibernation in the winter and when it’s over, we suddenly realize that we’ve accumulated more things than we really need (or want). Hence, spring cleaning!

So, use this time to go through your cupboards, cabinets, shelves, closets, counters…really anywhere that items pile up, and get purging! You’ll feel so much better starting the sunnier season out with a clear space.


Once you’ve removed the things you don’t need, it makes it easier to really see your space. Are you making the best use of it? Could you move things around to create a better, more open flow in the room?

You don’t have to get into tearing down walls, simply removing or relocating bulkier pieces or moving furniture to a different part of the room can provide a more spacious feel.

If you have a large piece of furniture that you just can’t bear to part with, why not paint it? Painting the piece a lighter colour can help it to blend into the room, tricking the eye into thinking the space is more open than it really is. Adding mirrors to walls also helps to create this illusion.


A very overlooked aspect of many rooms is lighting, but it can make a bigger difference than you think!

Poorly lit rooms look smaller and more cramped. By swapping out or adding more lighting to your space (such as placing lamps in dark corners of the room), you can instantly make it brighter and appear airier and more inviting.


No surprise here, a fresh coat of paint is always a great way to instantly change the feel of a room!

You can go light or dark or create an accent wall, just be sure to choose a colour that you really like and can live with for a few years. More neutral colours are good for this, but we’re also suckers for those beautiful pops of colour.


Simple décor switches are one of my favourite ways to change the look and feel of a room. Lighter accent pillows and accessory substitutes are easy to do and are cost-effective.

Another fun swap is with your art! Changing prints in frames or getting new canvas paintings that are of a spring/summer scene or that use lighter colours are a great way to make your space feel lighter and more inviting to all who enter it.

So there you have it, my top five tips to get your home feeling ready for spring, even if the weather outside hasn’t quite caught up yet. Which of these updates will you tackle in your home first?

Our Word of the Year Is…

February 18, 2022

Do you choose a word of the year?

I don’t normally but this year I decided to change that and my word of the year is:


And if you are doing any home projects currently or in the near future, I hope it’s your word too because you’re going to need a lot of it. The supply chain issues and delays we’ve seen over the past two years with construction and materials will very likely continue this year and beyond.

So what can you do to navigate it? Here are my top 3 tips:


If you haven’t already, get in touch with the designer you’ve been swooning over or the contractor you’ve been eyeing to get on their calendar. Even if you’re not ready to start the project now, that’s ok because they won’t be able to begin right away anyways. Assume you will be booking at least 4 months (likely longer) but starting the process gives you the peace of mind to know you’ve got someone great lined up and gives you time to save money and finalize your goals for the space.


If you have a vision, I encourage you not to compromise on lower quality materials or on a design you don’t love. It’s worth it to wait for the things you really want because in the end, you’ll be much happier with the result and won’t need it to be redone. And that comes to booking your designer or contractor as well. Wait for the person or company you really want even if that means waiting a little bit longer because again, it will be worth it in the end!


Going into your project with reasonable expectations, knowing that you will likely be waiting, and that it will take longer than normal will help you to maintain your patience and alleviate unnecessary stress. If possible, don’t take on renovations until you are ready for some upheaval in your home because there is no such thing as a “quick project” these days, if you’re not ready for the disruption it’s best to hold off.

Do all of these things with patience in the back of your mind and you should make it through your renovation project successfully.

So besides, “patience”, what is your word for 2022?

New Year, Fresh Space

January 20, 2022

Feeling the need to change your space?

The festive season is over and the holiday decorations have finally come down, leaving your home feeling emptier…but something still just doesn’t seem quite right.

Sound familiar?

A new year usually sparks a need to clear and declutter and re-imagine our spaces even before “spring cleaning” time hits, as a way to make us feel like we’re getting a fresh start.

And with all of us spending so much more time at home, we’re noticing the things we want to change that much more! We all deserve spaces we love to live in but that doesn’t have to mean a huge overhaul or renovation. If you’re feeling this need for change, we’ve got you! With the help of our friends over at In Order Co., here are our top 5 simple tips to help you take your spaces (and your mind) from cluttered and overwhelming to organized and intentional.


Start by taking everything out – all items off shelves, out of drawers and bins, etc. and lay them out. You will quickly realize how much stuff you really have!

Then group like items together. This can be really eye-opening and will help you decide what items you might be able to get rid of. Start to pile things you want to toss, keep and donate separately. Having garbage bags handy that you can put the items right into for garbage and donation is really helpful here so that all you’re left with is the items you want to keep.


Now that you only have only the things you’re keeping left and they’re all organized with other like items, you can start to find places for them. There are so many different organizing tools and products out there now, you can easily purchase a few to help you corral everything in an organized manner. Bins of all sizes, drawer organizers, baskets, shelving pieces… the list goes on. But start with what you already have first and only purchase these organizing tools once you’ve determined a real need for them.


Now that everything is put away you can give the space a good deep clean. Imagine how much easier cleaning is going to be from now on too, making tackling your weekly cleaning list much less daunting for the rest of the year (and beyond!).


Now that you have all the “stuff” put away, you can view the space with a clearer eye and start to make some decisions. What décor do you like that you already have and what do you want to change? Start to make a list to map out your plans for the room.


Unless you really dislike all the pieces you currently have, it’s likely that most things in your space are ones that fit the space and your style, you may just need a few swaps or additions to level up the look. Some pieces that do this quickly and easily are adding or changing art pieces, pillows and blankets, and some seasonal finds for shelves, wall units, tables, etc. Make sure not to overdo it! Go in with your list of specific items you’re looking for or particular areas of the room you’re wanting to fill to ensure the space remains clear and you’re not over cluttering it again.

And there you have it, our top 5 tips to get your home organized and looking fresh and beautiful. Get ready to love your space again! Have fun!

P.S. If you need help decluttering and organizing your space, be sure to check out In Order Co. They are a full-service professional organizing company serving Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Waterloo and the surrounding areas. They take pride in making people’s homes and businesses incredibly functional and beautiful.

And if you need help with re-imagining your space, be sure to check out our website, Volumes of Space, for all your interior design needs. We have in-person and E-Design options to match every style, budget and lifestyle. We are passionate about helping you create an original space that complements your lifestyle in both form and function.

The Holiday Give Back

December 13, 2021

‘Tis the season of giving and we here at Volumes of Space take it very seriously!

While there are so many worthy causes and we encourage you to find one that resonates with you and consider donating your time, money (or both) if you’re able, there are a few that are near and dear to our hearts.


The mission of the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is to “empower children and youth by connecting families with opportunities to build hope for lifelong change and break the cycle of poverty.”

Ways we support this organization:

ShineBRIGHT Ambassador

We help raise money and awareness of the growing need in the community. Over 25,000 children and youth across Guelph, Dufferin and Wellington are supported by The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington’s various programs that provide opportunities in the hard times to help each child grow, explore and unleash their great potential to build brighter futures.


After being matched with a family in need, we gather gifts for the various family members in order to make the holidays shine a little brighter, bringing hope and joy during the holiday season for a deserving family in the community.

For more information about the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington and the various programs you can donate to, visit their website: https://www.childrensfoundation.org/


HOPE House operates and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected. They offer services and programs that challenge the stigmas surrounding poverty and allow community members to maintain their dignity and choice, while simultaneously providing them with tactile skills developed in a community environment, creating long-term skills that facilitate self-sufficiency.

How we support this organization:

Christmas JOY Home Tour

We participate in the Christmas JOY Home Tour by decorating a home that is included in the tour. People from all over Southwestern Ontario come to Guelph each year to surround themselves with the holiday spirit on this self-guided tour of carefully selected, professionally decorated homes. Funds raised through the tour support HOPE House in their delivery of compassionate care to members of the community.

For more information about HOPE House Guelph and the various ways you can support them, visit their website:https://hopehouseguelph.com/

We hope you consider supporting an organization in your community not just during the holiday season, but year-round. The joy received from giving back is pretty hard to beat!

The Effects Of Covid-19 On The Home Construction And Design Industries

October 22, 2021

I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that COVID-19 has had a drastic effect on the home construction and interior design industries, there are few, if any, industries it hasn’t affected!

With everyone home and suddenly forced to stare at their interiors a heck of a lot more than they were used to, many quickly came to the conclusion that if this was going to be a long-term thing, some changes needed to be made!

Spaces felt more cramped and awkward, furniture was fading and didn’t feel as comfortable and, “What were we thinking with that paint colour?” seemed to be on many people’s minds.

So it should come as no surprise as well that once home construction was deemed an essential service, people were clamouring to get someone booked to help with their ever-growing need for some space transformations!

Home gyms, office space and basement overhauls for added family space, or for multi-generational living situations to help family members age in place, have been the top trends for projects being requested.

And to help with all the planning involved in this, your trusty interior designers have also been bombarded with new inquiries and client bookings. While we LOVE our work and being able to help families reconfigure how they use and live in their spaces so they can love their homes again, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

Prices for materials have skyrocketed and supply chain issues have caused major delays which means projects are taking much longer to be fully complete, which also makes managing all the projects and their moving parts that much more challenging.

So, what to do?


If you’re working with these service providers, please have patience and compassion. If you’ve hired the right people (this is KEY), they really do care about you and are invested in creating the space you crave in the quickest time possible. They can’t possibly predict every little hiccup that is bound to happen so try to have faith and put your trust in them. In the end, the job will get done to your utmost satisfaction, it just might take a bit more time than any of you anticipated.


COMMUNICATE! If our clients know that they’re being thought of and aren’t left wondering what’s going on or the status of their project, they’re apt to be much more understanding and patient.

When you’re busy with other projects I know that putting in the extra time for a check-in might seem like something you can just keep pushing to the bottom of your to-do list, but it will actually save you time and frustration in the long run. Your clients won’t keep checking in with you if they know they can rely on you for regular communication. Our clients just want to feel cared for and we have to remember that this is their home. While we may have seen many of them, their space is coveted and special and it’s a privilege to be a part of this huge part of their life.

While I don’t know how long this will all be going on for, I don’t see a slow down on the horizon any time soon. So if you’ve been thinking about tackling some home renovations yourself, be sure to connect with us soon to get your project on the calendar!