Our Makers

As designers we rely heavily on our “makers” to take our designs from concept to completion and as our trusted Makers, we would like to honor all of them by telling you a little bit about who they are, how they gained their experience and why we think they’re so great!

Meet Our Makers


Dave Dekeyser is the owner of Dekeyser Electrical, a Guelph-based locally owned and operated company providing outstanding electrical service to both residential and commercial clients. Dave is a master electrician with over 20 years’ experience. He is an active member of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and a fully insured contractor. Dave’s work is precise and his job sites are meticulously kept. In addition, Dave’s calm demeanor and ability to problem solve are invaluable on the job site, particularly when unexpected surprises are uncovered. Whether it’s replacing a light fixture or a complete electrical system, Dave provides high caliber, efficient and professional service.


Noah Klar is the owner of Clarity Construction Group, a Guelph-based general contracting company that specializes in both custom builds and renovations as well as prefab modular housing. Noah makes it his mission to bring clarity at every stage of each project and surpass his clients’ expectations. His team and sub-trades are all highly skilled craftspeople with knowledge and experience with the most state-of-the-art construction methods and materials. The result is a finished product that is top quality with impeccable attention to detail. Noah is extremely professional and trustworthy. He combines thoughtful pre-planning with flexibility and absolute transparency throughout to ensure his projects are completed with minimal stress to his clients.


Xanadu’s team has over 30 years’ experience in the millwork industry and a strong commitment to providing the best possible service to their customers. They are known for being efficient and focused on each project from start to finish with a keen eye for detail and precision.

This passion, attention to detail and creativity has led to Xanadu working with the finest materials and employing the best craftspeople elevating Xanadu’s reputation in Wellington Region and surrounding areas.


Dennis Waechter of Renvolution is a jack of all trades and acts as our general contractor for a wide range of projects. He has 16 years of experience, which started with his apprenticeship at Braden Homes, building energy efficient custom homes from the ground up. Dennis started his own company in 2009 building his client referral base in Guelph and surrounding areas, with a reputation for craftmanship and ingenuity.

The act of transforming a space is his favorite part of the job. Whether it’s knocking out a wall or moving things around, the challenge of coming up with a creative solution to a problem that arises on the spot is what drives his passion. For Dennis there is nothing better than being able to take his clients ideas and turning them into reality.


Nathan’s foundation is in construction, having worked on jobsites for the past 30 years. Combining a degree in landscape architecture with a business foundation rooted in excellent customer service, Nathan and the team at Escape Designs create unique outdoors spaces for their client’s needs and wants.

Nathan is known for his high standards and expectations. He finds inspiration from many sources of modern architectural styles and values the practical notion of preservation. He abides by a set of strong sustainable guidelines, enhanced by a practical intention to use the best possible materials for each project.


Marcel Jordan of marceljordan.ca offers his clients 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and fabrication industry. He has experience working with materials ranging from all types of metals, wood, plastics, to granite and quartz. He prides himself on using precise CNC technology and new fabrication methods to create exiting new projects, while transforming reclaimed wood and salvaged materials.

Marcel specializes in creatively illustrating his clients branding message with signage for their home or business. He takes great care in guiding his clients through the creative process from concept, production, to completion with final delivery and installation.


James Obermeyer has been our fast and reliable painter for both large and small projects for many years. He has the ability to paint the entire home exterior, including siding, soffits, eaves, doors, window frames, and decks… which comes in handy when we are transforming our clients homes from the outside in and adding some much needed curb appeal. That being said a home interior is almost a walk in the park for this professional painter, who can handle all of the detailed trim and millwork we throw at him. James is an overall well rounded painter that can handle any level of complexity and does it with an easy going demeanor and a big smile!


David Ceppi is the owner and journeyman plumber of Custom Plumbing Solutions Inc., a small family operated plumbing business that specialize in residential and commercial plumbing. David and his team are able to plumb new builds, renovations, retro-fits, re-models, as well as facilitate all of your typical plumbing repairs. His primary focus is building solid relationships with is clientele in order to ensure that customer service and quality is always a priority. He has acquired 30 years of experience and knowledge in the construction and plumbing industries making him familiar with every aspect of operations, and how to improve upon their efficiencies and sustainability. Dave goes the extra mile by educating and explaining the plumbing processes to every client, to ensure that they know the “what” and the “why”… helping us all to see beyond the pipes.